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At Reichard Tornes, we stand as your dedicated Miami commercial litigation lawyers, offering unwavering support to business owners facing complex legal challenges. With a focus on commercial litigation in Miami, our expertise equips us to navigate the world of legal disputes efficiently.

Whether you’re dealing with the difficulties of business formation and regulatory hurdles as a start-up, or you’re an established company embroiled in litigation or seeking to initiate legal action, our team stands ready to provide expert guidance and steadfast support.

With a commitment to highly personalized attention, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Safeguard Your Business With Legal Excellence

Commercial litigation involves legal disputes related to business issues, and it’s a critical area for Miami business owners to understand. This type of litigation can cover anything from disagreements over contracts and disputes among partners or shareholders to issues with compliance regulations. The essence of having solid legal backing in these matters cannot be overstated — it’s about safeguarding your interests, navigating through conflicts effectively, and ensuring that your business operations are aligned with the law.

These disputes can be complex, time-consuming, and potentially damaging to your reputation and financial health if mishandled. Moreover, understanding the detailed laws governing businesses in Miami requires specialized knowledge from a business lawyer. 

This is where our law firm steps in. We offer customized solutions tailored specifically to address each client’s unique needs. Our expertise spans all facets of commercial litigation — whether drafting strong and thoughtful contracts in your small business to prevent future disputes or representing you robustly in court should conflicts arise — we’re here every step of the way.

Meet Our Team of Miami Commercial Litigators

Our boutique law firm holds over 30 years of combined experience, excelling in litigation, corporate matters, and hospitality law.

Headshot of Raul Reichard

Raúl Reichard has represented major banks, and small to medium-sized businesses, both domestically and internationally. He specializes in contractual disputes — including breaches and non-compete clauses — partnership disputes, fraud cases, and much more.

His adeptness at dispute resolution informs his counsel on contracts and various agreements.

Jacqueline Tornes co-founded our firm with a wealth of legal expertise in banking, and commercial law, bolstered by her background in hospitality management. Her decade-plus tenure as general counsel for one of South Florida’s most prominent and largest restaurant groups provides her with unique insights into multimillion-dollar operations, offering strategic solutions across business transactions and corporate laws; and she also is well-versed in commercial litigation.

Together, they deliver comprehensive legal strategies tailored to meet their clients’ needs in the state of Florida. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Expert Guidance Across Diverse Legal Challenges

Our firm stands at the forefront of navigating complex legal landscapes, offering unparalleled expertise across a spectrum of commercial litigation challenges. We specialize in specific areas and ensure tailored solutions that safeguard our client’s interests and propel their businesses forward: 

  • Contract Disputes: We dissect contract complexities to defend, as well as enforce, our clients’ rights, ensuring agreements serve their intended purpose. This maintains business integrity and fosters trust among stakeholders.
  • Shareholder Litigation: Navigating the intricacies of shareholder disputes requires legal knowledge and a deep understanding of corporate dynamics. Our approach mitigates internal conflicts, preserving company value and stakeholder relations.
  • Business or Commercial Fraud: With acute attention to detail, we unravel complex fraud schemes affecting businesses; securing restitution and implementing safeguards against future vulnerabilities enhances operational resilience.
  • Debt Collections: We adeptly handle debt recovery processes, minimizing financial losses while adhering to legal standards. This protects cash flow and sustains business operations.
  • Intellectual Property/Trade Secrets: Protecting intellectual property is paramount in today’s innovation-driven economy; our rigorous defense mechanisms guard your creative capital against infringement threats, enhancing your competitive edge.

Each service is tailored to address your specific legal needs and challenges. Together, you and your general counsel lawyers serving Miami will ensure that you receive expert solutions.

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Full-Spectrum Commercial Litigation Services in Miami

Our Miami business lawyers possess wide-ranging knowledge in various sectors of business law, positioning us to tackle all forms of commercial legal issues that companies and individuals in Miami might encounter:

  1. Case Assessment and Strategy: Evaluate the merits of a potential case and develop a strategic plan for litigation or alternative dispute resolution based on your goals.
  2. Legal Research and Analysis: Conduct thorough legal research to understand relevant laws and regulations, analyzing how existing legal precedents may impact the case.
  3. Document Review and Drafting: Review and draft contracts, agreements, and other relevant documents related to the dispute. From there, we likewise draft legal documents, including complaints, answers, motions, and settlement agreements.
  4. Negotiation and Mediation: Engage in negotiations to reach a favorable settlement before proceeding to trial, providing mediation sessions to resolve disputes outside of court.
  5. Courtroom Representation: Advocate on your behalf during hearings, trials, and appeals to present compelling arguments and evidence to support your case.
  6. General Counseling: Provide ongoing legal advice on potential risks and strategies for avoiding litigation.
  7. Enforcement of Judgments: Assist with enforcing court judgments, including the enforcement, execution, and collection of monetary awards.
  8. Risk Management: Help you identify and mitigate potential legal risks to avoid future disputes.
  9. Appeals: Handle the appellate process if a case is appealed to a higher court.
  10. International Commercial Disputes: Expertise in handling cross-border disputes and navigating international legal complexities.

Why Choose Reichard Tornes as Your Commercial Litigation Law Firm

When facing commercial litigation challenges, selecting the right law firm is crucial to securing a favorable outcome and ensuring a smooth attorney-client relationship along the way. Reichard Tornes stands out as a corporate litigation lawyer in Miami for numerous reasons:

  • Deep Local Market Understanding: Our roots are deeply embedded in Miami’s corporate sector. This local insight equips us with an unparalleled understanding of the market dynamics and regulatory environment, as well as the local cultural idiosyncrasies, enabling us to navigate complex legal landscapes more effectively than others.
  • Personalized Approach: We believe that no two cases are identical. Our clients receive tailored advice and strategies designed specifically for their unique situations. This personalized attention ensures that we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Track Record of Success: From high-stakes negotiations to courtroom victories, our track record as commercial litigation attorneys speaks volumes about our capability to deliver the results that matter.
  • Team’s Expertise: Our team consists of seasoned corporate litigation lawyers from Miami who bring diverse experiences and specialized knowledge to the table. We offer comprehensive support across all stages of your case.

Other Areas of Expertise

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