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Reichard Tornes is your trusted partner in navigating the legal landscape of the hospitality industry in Miami. With decades of experience, our firm specializes in providing tailored legal solutions for businesses in the hospitality sector. From restaurants and hotels to nightclubs and event venues, we understand local establishments’ intricacies and challenges.

Our dedicated team of hospitality attorneys provides comprehensive legal support to ensure your business thrives in the dynamic and competitive Miami and greater South Florida markets.

Expert Legal Guidance for Miami’s Hospitality Industry

We are a boutique international business law firm with over 30 years of combined experience, specializing in both litigation and corporate matters, as well as hospitality law. With a strong foundation in real-world business experience, we empathize with the impact disputes and litigation can have on our clients’ lives and businesses.

With this in mind, our attorneys provide practical, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to minimize costs, damages, and business disruption while maximizing recovery and optimizing your bottom line.

Our commitment to achieving favorable outcomes extends to every stage of the legal process. We take pride in our role as trusted legal advisors and problem-solvers, building long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect.

With Reichard Tornes, you can trust in our unwavering dedication to protecting your interests and fostering your success when we provide counsel.

Meet Our Team of Skilled Hospitality Lawyers

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Raúl Reichard brings extensive legal expertise, representing major international banking institutions, like Wachovia and Wells Fargo, as well as small to medium-sized companies and individuals, both domestic and international. He is also adept at handling contractual disputes, such as breaches, non-compete, and other restrictive covenants, settlement negotiations, partnership disputes, fraud, injunctions, and other business torts.

His experience with dispute resolution likewise enables him to provide counsel on contracts and all manner of corporate and personal agreements, product liability defense, immigration cases, and securities litigation.

Jacqueline Tornes, a founding partner, offers versatile legal counsel in banking, finance, commercial law, and more, drawing on her background in hospitality management and over a decade-long experience as general in-house counsel for one of the largest South Florida restaurant groups.

With a deep understanding of multimillion-dollar business operations and commercial litigation, she provides strategic solutions to clients. Jackie is extremely well-versed in putting together myriad business transactions and corporate law in general.

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Our Hospitality Legal Services

As a leading hospitality law firm in Miami, our Miami business lawyers offer hospitality clients a comprehensive range of legal services tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses in this sector:

  1. Licensing and Permitting: From liquor licenses to health permits, we ensure compliance with local regulations, allowing businesses to operate smoothly and legally.
  2. Compliance Assistance: Expert guidance on regulatory compliance matters, helping hospitality businesses adhere to state and federal laws governing food safety, sanitation, ADA accessibility, and more. 
  3. Employment Law: Strategic advice on labor and employment law matters, including wage and hour compliance, discrimination claims, and employee termination issues. By ensuring compliance with employment laws, businesses can mitigate the risk of costly lawsuits and protect their reputation.
  4. Dispute Resolution: Whether it’s negotiating settlements with disgruntled customers and plaintiffs, or resolving contractual disputes with vendors, we work to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients, minimizing disruptions to their business operations.
  5. Contract Drafting and Review: Including vendor agreements, lease agreements, employment contracts, and employee manuals. Our meticulous approach ensures that contracts are legally sound and protect our clients’ interests.
  6. Risk Management: Proactive risk management strategies to help hospitality businesses identify and mitigate potential legal risks. 
  7. Trademark and Brand Protection: Assisting hospitality businesses in protecting their intellectual property rights, including trademarks and brand names. 
  8. Regulatory Compliance Audits: Comprehensive regulatory compliance audits to assess a hospitality business’s compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We work hard to identify areas of non-compliance so that your business can take corrective action to avoid legal consequences and maintain a positive reputation.

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How We’ve Helped Miami’s Businesses

Who We Serve

Our expertise extends to a myriad of businesses in the sector: 

  1. Restaurants: We understand the unique challenges that restaurants face, including licensing and permits, employment issues, lease agreements, regulatory compliance, as well as litigious patrons. Our team of restaurant lawyers in Miami can assist with drafting contracts, resolving disputes with vendors, employees, or customers, and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.
  2. Hotels: We can assign or refer a hotel lawyer in Miami for guidance on hotel and resort management agreements, guest liability issues, zoning and land use regulations, and ADA compliance to help hotels and lodging facilities operate smoothly and avoid legal pitfalls.
  3. Nightclubs: Nightclubs face legal challenges related to liquor licensing, noise ordinances, security concerns, and liability for patron injuries. We offer legal advice on obtaining liquor licenses, drafting security agreements, handling noise complaints, and addressing premises liability issues to protect nightclub owners’ interests and minimize legal risks.
  4. Event Venues: Drafting event contracts, reviewing insurance policies, addressing safety and security concerns, and navigating local regulations to ensure successful and legally compliant events.
  5. Catering and Events Companies: Catering and event agreements, compliance with food safety laws, addressing employment disputes, and protecting their interests in contractual arrangements.
  6. Code-Enforcement Matters: We have a successful track record of dealing with different types of code violations, ranging from noise to Airbnb designations, by negotiating with city officials and appearing at mitigation hearings before the City.
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